Review: Crystal Fighters/Everything Is My Family

Just as summer looked a distant memory the infectiously uplifting sound of Crystal Fighters has brought back that festival feeling.

The simply magical mix of folk, electronica, dance and indie pop has given the band a unique identity for years. But with Everything Is My Family, Crystal Fighters raised their own bar, adding new sounds we didn’t even know we were longing for.

None more interesting than the synth anthem: Here In Your Arms. A new level of dance track for the band which incorporated with their own style, could honestly become a mainstream club-classic.

Alternatively the tempo drops late on in the album offering up that mellow side to the band with drawn out and emotional build ups. Lay Low being a perfect example, which was dedicated to the band’s former drummer Andrea who sadly passed away in 2013.

It’s the all-fun, spellbinding singles that really represent the band’s progression since Cave Rave though. Ways I Can’t Tell and Good Girls stand out above the rest as irresistible hits that make you want to move.

That exact feeling is why you have to want to see Crystal Fighters after listening through this album, or even just to one of the singles.

An electric atmosphere with endless energy and passion is what you’ll find at a live performance from the band, something that I first experienced five years ago at Latitude Festival and that I can’t wait to be a part of again at Brixton in a few weeks.


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