The Internship

It’s extremely shite being told you don’t have enough experience for a job, especially when that means you’ll be spending winter working in a sugar factory.

So last summer I decided to do something about it and join a start-up company.

We’ll gloss over the commute it took to work in Kensington and skip straight to the fact that being unpaid for internships is criminal, I got travel covered but spent three months earning zilch.

Weirdly enough this didn’t seem to matter to me at the time, because I was actually enjoying myself that much. Marketing was the place to be.

The hardest part of my day was choosing what music to play through the speakers, or occasionally walking the dog, Ruby.

That’s right, we had an office dog.

Only one of the many novelties that intern-life was serving me up, bacon rolls on a Friday morning, beers Friday night, the ping-pong table, chill-out area with bean bags etc.

I had it made, and when things got stressful I went for a walk around Holland Park to catch Pokemon, or sunbathed outside Kensington Palace.

And yes, things did get stressful. We actually had our toaster banned.

From testing my sporting knowledge at Opta quizzes to having a professional masseuse work on my back in the office, the place was absolutely ridiculous.

It’s unsurprising really that the company suddenly had to massively cut their work staff, including my boss.

More surprisingly however that this prompted them to take me on permanently. Internship complete?

5-a-side team

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